RegexSR - Regular expressions Search and Replace tool

RegexSR is a very easy-to-use and powerful tool (written in Java) to create and test complex regular expressions.
The plugin system provides extra functionalities, such as transforming expressions into Java code, and allows the user to create his own extensions.

Features include testing regular expressions, handling text through regular expressions or plugins, renaming files, developing plugins, and managing expressions in the repository.


Got the 2008-02-26 a five-star award from rbytes reviews. The public review is available here.
Free download software Got the 2008-04-09 a five-star award from Soft82.
Free downloads place Got the 2009-01-08 a five-star award from Free Downloads Place.
5 stars award from Got the 2009-01-23 a five-star award from SoftDownload22.
5 stars award from Got the 2009-02-03 a five-star award from RoSoftDownload.
5 stars award from Got the 2009-10-31 a five-star award from FamousWhy.


Bug reports, suggestions, and plugins you have developped are welcomed at regexsr [at] fastmail [dot] fm. Thank you very much in advance for your contribution!

Download RegexSR 1.0.0


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